Obscenities sprayed on vehicles during vandalism spree

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Police in one Kentucky community need your help after a vandalism spree.

Someone spray painted obscenities in several areas of downtown Lawrenceburg, including a business, several cars and a playground.

The vandals hit G&C Auto Sales sometime Saturday night and returned on Monday.

"They painted the hoods and the bumpers and some of the lights on all the front of the cars, looked like they just walked down the sidewalk and sprayed as they went, said Bill Casson.

Casson says at least 10 vehicles were hit, but they've been able to clean off most off the paint.

Several cars parked along Main Street also had profanity painted on them. One had an image of male genitalia spray painted on the driver side door.

A racial slur was painted on the road in front of Cole Memorial Park.

Police say they believe juveniles are probably responsible.

They're following up several leads.

"Horse play in our opinion and we're going to set an example that this will not be tolerated," said Lawrenceburg Police Department Officer Jeremy Cornish.

Schools here were on fall break last week. Officer Cornish says they saw several other acts of vandalism during that time.

A reward is being offered for information in this case. Both Crimestoppers and the owner of G&C Auto Sales are offering those rewards.

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