Off-duty Lexington firefighter rescues boy who fell through ice

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - An off-duty Lexington Fire Battalion Chief saves a 12-year old boy after he fell through ice.

Off-duty Lexington Fire Department Battalion Chief Brian Wood says he was on his way to the movies with his young daughter when he heard the call go out over the scanner.

"Heard this run come in over the radio and realized that we were basically right next door," said Chief Wood.

When Wood arrived, he quickly realized he was the first on scene and followed his life-saving instincts.

"When we got here we went around back and I did find a subject in the ice about up to his neck, he was stuck in the mud."

A neighbor who called 911 told WKYT that she thinks the 12-year old boy was stuck in the freezing water for around ten minutes before Wood came to his rescue.

Wood says the boy was unable to grab the line because he was too cold which is when Wood went into the frozen pond to rescue him.

We were the first news crew on the scene arriving just moments after the rescue.

The off duty firefighter said when he arrived, the young boy had been stuck in the frozen pond for about eight to ten minutes and was beginning to lose consciousness.

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