Lexington officer who admits to shooting neighbor's dog could face charges

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A police officer who admitted to shooting his neighbor's dog could now face charges. It was originally believed the matter would be handled in civil court.

When Scott County Sheriff Tony Hampton called Brian Geary Tuesday morning he told him they had enough evidence to pursue second degree animal cruelty charges against the man who shot Geary's dog on Saturday.

"At that time I said 'Yes, I do want to press charges,'" Geary said.

Lexington Police officer Jeff Brangers told WKYT on Monday he shot the dog, Angel, because he was afraid she was going to get into his chickens.

"I feel he should be charged with murder, but I'll have to take what I can get and animal cruelty, misdemeanor, it's still a charge and hopefully he won't have the chance to kill someone else's dog," Geary said.

After the shooting Sheriff Hampton said the case was a civil matter, but after reviewing the case with the Scott County's attorney he said charges could be filed because it now appears the dog was leaving the property when it was shot.

"It's very unfortunate," Hampton said. "A 12-year-old family pet, but also, we had to look at, there was the possibility that the landowner that shot the dog had the right to."

Geary says he's not sure when his family will get another dog, but he hopes the attention this incident garnered could save another family's

"My dog will never come back but hopefully I can stop him from killing someone else's family pet."

Lexington Police said they are aware of the investigation and they have launched an internal inquiry of their own into what happened.

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