Officers pull two teenage boys from flipped car in Berea

BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Two people have an officer to thank Friday morning, after he pulled them from a submerged car. Police say the driver ran off the bridge on Scaffold Cane Road around one o'clock in the morning, and landed upside down in the creek.

Two teenage boys were in the Chevy Malibu and were quickly pulled out by responding officers just minutes after the crash was reported.

The driver told police the tires of his car dipped off the road momentarily, and when he tried to correct his path back up on the road, he lost control, putting the car into a skid.

The vehicle hit a cement rail of a bridge, flipping the car into a creek on its top.

"I was getting ready to go to bed, when we heard a commotion, and we thought two cars had hit," said Prudy Meadows. Meadows called 911 once she realized what had happened.

The first responding officers, thinking quickly, knew they needed to get the driver and his passenger out of the car as quickly as possible, with the water being a possible threat to their safety.
So one of the officers broke a window so he could pull them out.

Police told us the two were able to get out on their own power, and they were checked out on scene.

Just as a precaution, the two teens were brought here to St. Joseph in Berea with minor injuries.

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