Father electrocuted while swimming in Lake Cumberland

LAUREL CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Kevin Short died Sunday in what officials simply describe as a tragic, freak accident. He was swimming with others near Garland Bend on Lake Cumberland when an exposed cord came too close to an aluminum ladder.

“What happened was the cord went in between the ladder and the dock, it had a raw space,” said Donna Gross, Short’s mother-in-law.
Kevin’s 12-year-old son, Kevin, Jr. was actually swimming toward the ladder when his father grabbed it first.

“When he was reaching for the ladder, he pulled his son back by playing, like ‘I’m going to beat you to it,’and so big Kevin grabbed the ladder, that’s when he got electrocuted, so that actually saved little Kevin,” said Gross.

When others saw what was happening to Kevin Short, many rushed to help him, resulting in them being shocked as well.

“Linda his wife, jumped in,” Gross said.

But the electric current was too strong.

“Somebody grabbed the ladder and he got thrown back,” he said.
Family members say they always observe water safety .

“It was just a freak accident, and a tragic loss, he was everybody’s best friend,” Gross said.

Funeral services for Kevin Short have been set for one o’clock Thursday at Bowling Funeral Home.

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