Officials call overnight car fire suspicious

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials are calling an early morning car fire in a Lexington neighborhood suspicious.

"I heard a pop. Then I looked out, it's right across from my bedroom window, and I saw the whole car just in flames. It was pretty crazy," says Kaitlin Doth, who lives in the area.

Around 2:30 this morning, crews responded to a car fire behind a home on Terrace View Drive off of Versailles Road. Lexington police say someone lit the inside of the vehicle on fire, which caused extensive damage.

Neighbors told us at one point the flames were so high, it reached the power lines. It also damaged a part of a car that was parked next to it.

The Fire Department Arson Investigator believes this fire is suspicious. But WKYT spoke with some neighbors who say this isn't the only suspicious fire that's happened in the area recently.

"Two weeks ago the house across the street caught on fire we were here for that. Then we had all this happening and I just don't know why anyone would do something like that. I mean it's close to people's houses. There's a child next door, a two year old child," says Dale Walker, who witnessed the car fire.

Officers tell WKYT they are going to step up patrols in the area because of this fire.

Fire investigators say they don't have any suspects at this time.

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