Officials on watch for storms as new pavilion opens

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Thousands in Frankfort are loving Wednesday nights weather so far, and are expecting to attend an event outside, but storms are on their way and emergency management officials say they're prepared to keep everyone safe if the weather turns dangerous.

On this hot summer day, the City of Frankfort is unveiling a brand new pavilion at Cove Spring Park this evening. The event will have upwards of 2,000 people, live music and food. But with the threat of possible severe storms moving through Central Kentucky, emergency management officials are preparing for it all.

Deron Rambo says, "Well, like any special event, weather aside, our role is public safety for everything. Anything from a bandair to a disaster, we're here to help run that incident command system and hopefully ensure nothing happens."

Rambo is with Franklin County's Emergency Management. He's monitoring the weather through a mobile command post and keeping in contact with the National Weather Service. Although the worst of the storm isn't expected to hit the region until midnight, Rambo says he's prepared if it hits early.

Rambo says, "If it seems like something is developing we're going to talk to event organizers about what our next steps should be before it gets here. Be proactive not reactive to something like that."

Rambo doesn't just have to watch out for severe weather, he also has to prepare a plan if it were to hit this event.

He says, "Basically a big tent with metal poles is not the place to be when it starts lightening. We're going to send people to shelters or to their cars. Wind is always an issue but we're really hoping its going to hold off and not be an issue at all."

If the storms are bad enough, the community could lose the new pavilion they're here to celebrate. But Rambo says their first priority is to keep everyone safe.

WKYT will continue to keep you updated, as we track the latest storms all across the region.

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