Lightning likely cause of Madison Co. house fire

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Several area fire departments responded to a house fire on Jacks Creek Road early Wednesday morning.

We spoke to Chief Jim Cox with the Madison County Fire Department who tells us that while the cause has not been confirmed, they believe lightning may have caused the fire.

"My hearts broke, I'll tell you. These folks have worked all their life. I've known them since I was a kid. They're good people. And they've worked all their lives, they got everything they got honest. And we seen a big part of it going up in smoke. We're all having to sit here and watch it. It's breaking all of our hearts," said Chief Cox looking at what remained of the home.

We're told everyone made it out of the home safely.

One difficulty for firefighters was the location of the house fire. Fire officials told us along with the positioning of the home on a hill, access to water was an issue. Chief Cox told our crews the nearest fire hydrant was about a mile away.

Another lightening strike brought fire crews in Fayette County to a home on Old Richmond Road.
There, the home owner told us she heard a loud boom, and saw a flash of light in the overnight hours.

The resident, Sarah Brown, told us after she went upstairs to check on her children, she quickly pieced together what had happened.

"And when I looked out on the back deck, there were bricks all over the deck. So I knew that the chimney had been struck by lightening," said Brown.

There were no reported injuries in either incident.

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