Officials warn of aggressive sales tactics

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - They've received dozens of complaints on Facebook and have had concerned citizens calls in.
Now, the Frankfort County Sheriffs Office says they are looking into a door to door sales group that has many people feeling uneasy.

Officials say they are going door to door selling a variety of alarm systems. Since Monday, the Franklin County Sheriffs office says they've received dozens of calls all throughout the county about a group of people, claiming to work for reputable alarm system companies, trying to sell their products.

"We're told there is a white minivan with an orange V on the car, driving around their neighborhood letting people out to knock on doors," explains Franklin County Sheriff, Pat Melton.

The practice is legal in the state of Kentucky, as long as one has a business license. Although the Franklin County Sheriff's office believes this is not a scam, they are concerned in the manner at which they are approaching people.

"We've received multiple complaints of salesmen trying to get into people's homes, then forcing them into a sale," explains Sheriff Melton, "in some cases, the callers have told us they were concerned for their safety. We won't tolerate this in our community, especially when they start targeting our elderly and are taking advantage of them when they are home alone."

If your suspicious of these sales people you're urged to call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. Their number is 502-875-8582.

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