Ohio AG: More than 3,000 rape kits tested for DNA

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Ohio Attorney General's Office says it has tested more than 3,000 rape kits as it searches for DNA matches that could help solve sexual assaults.

That's more than half of the 5,850 kits that law enforcement agencies have submitted to the office since Attorney General Mike DeWine announced the testing initiative in December 2011.

The office offered DNA testing to any law enforcement agency with untested rape kits in which a crime was believed to have been committed. Many of the kits submitted for testing are between 10 and 20 years old.

DeWine says the testing has led to 992 hits in the state's DNA database.

In Cuyahoga County in northeast Ohio, prosecutors and investigators have generated 85 indictments as a result of the testing initiative.

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