Fayette County School District changes tornado plan

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There is now a new tornado preparedness plan in Fayette County following the drowning deaths of some students in Moore, Oklahoma.

Fayette County Superintendent Tom Shelton met with school board officials Monday night to make necessary revisions to the current tornado plan.

"It was our understanding that some of the children were in an area of the school, where some water pipes burst due to the damage at the school. It caused some drowning," says Dr. Tom Shelton.

Shelton says the possibility of something like that happening at a Fayette County school is no longer a concern, "It was really just making a few minor revisions. We really only had just a few buildings that had that possibility. We've now made those changes in those buildings."

Shelton lost his home to a tornado in 1974. In 2000, some of the schools in his former district were destroyed by a tornado, "I take weather conditions very seriously. It's something that we as a staff monitor regularly because safety is the first and foremost thing for our students and staff."

Shelton feels confident that Fayette County School District now has the proper plans in place to keep students as safe as possible in the case of a tornado.

"I would never try to second guess anybody's decisions in Oklahoma or anywhere else in any other type of school tragedy. Whether it's weather related or any other way. But, we have to do what we can to learn from," Shelton says.

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