One-armed student set to graduate from barber school

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - For 51 years, aspiring barbers from all over have traveled to Lexington, to learn the art of the cut.

"Right now there's big diversity. A lot of customers come through, big diversity", said Jennifer Bailey

Bailey is still carrying the torch that her father, Roger, lit here in the '60s.

"He still comes in and teaches he's got a lot of experience just with himself," she said.

Hundreds have completed their training here in the last half-century, but the Baileys have never had a student like Christopher Bunn.

"I never once woke up and said I wanted to cut hair," said Bunn.

He commutes 80 miles every day from Breathitt County, and it was there, 5 years ago as a deputy sheriff, that life caught up to Chris Bunn at 109 miles per hour.

"One thing I always said, if you're going to be different you might as well be different, go the whole way," said Bunn, as he turned to reveal his left arm in a sling.

At deadly speeds, his motorcycle crashed.

"When I hit the truck, it seperated all the nerves from my spinal cord kind of like unplugging something from the wall. A lot of people would sit at home and feel sorry for themselves, try to draw disability. I wanted to get out there and do something different, something challenging,"

Chris relearned everything with just one hand.

"Kind of like being reborn again just don't remember much about your past life," he said.

Bunn was working as a welder, two years ago when he sat down for a haircut.

"My barber told me, I know if you can weld one handed, you can cut hair one handed he talked me into coming up here," he said.

"He's had a lot of challenges in here this is a two handed business," said Bailey.

He's tackling tasks as simple as cleaning the equipment and as difficult as a straight razor shave.

"The toughest thing to me would be like longer hair long long hair," said Bunn.

The Baileys have dug into all their years of experience to move Chris forward.

"He's done wonderful, what we've done, we've tried to do things one handed, cause its so different for us too," said Bailey.

"When I came in here Mr. and Mrs. Bailey pushed me to do it," said Bunn.

In two months, Chirs will graduate from Bailey's Barber College and start his new career.

"There's only two other one handed barbers that we know of," said Bailey.

"It's like my mom always said, you want to be one of the few," said Bunn.

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