One snow covered road leads to six wrecks in Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Just before 11 a.m. Madison County dispatchers told WKYT they had responded to six accidents throughout the morning. But as the snow continued to come down that number started going up, much of it due to the conditions on one road.

Road crews in Madison County got to work early, but they had a hard time keeping pace with the drifting snow.

"The wind is pretty strong today and this is pretty fine snow so some of it's blowing back across the roads," said Carl Richards, the director of Madison County's Emergency Operations.

While the morning didn't tax first responders, the afternoon kept them busy, traveling first to one crash then another. Deputies tell me they had six wrecks on less than one mile of KY 52.

"As we responded, wreck after wreck after when we got out here, just a chain reaction," said Deputy Kenny Fields with the Madison County Sheriff's Department.

The problems began when the driver of a vehicle lost control and slid into the path of a FedEx truck. Then a pickup driver slid off the road. Further down two cars collided, sending one person to the hospital to be checked out.

All of the wrecks were cleared by 2 p.m. Deputies say if the wind continues to push that snow back onto the road, they could be back out to KY 52 as the evening traffic picks up.