One stretch of road in Anderson County deemed the "deadliest"

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ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. - (WKYT) - He calls it the deadliest road in his county. The Anderson County Coroner talked to us about the problems he seen on a stretch of US-62 near Lawrenceburg.

On Thursday, a 20-year-old woman died after police say a jeep hit the car she was riding in.

Over the years, the five mile stretch of Highway 62 connecting Lawrenceburg with outside communities has earned a reputation for not only being the most dangerous section of highway… but the deadliest.

“Five fatalities have happened in a relatively short stretch of highway in the past three and a half years,” said Dr. Mark Tussey, the Anderson County Coroner. “It’s a winding road, a two way road and has a lot of dips and valleys.”

The coroner says the stretch of highway is hazardous by design due to heavy residential traffic, hair pin turns and drivers traveling well over the speed limit.

“If they're taking a short cut they may be running a little bit behind and sometimes the speed on that road is higher than it was really safely designed to manage.”

The coroner says if you’re traveling to Lexington or Versailles, takes the extra few minutes to travel up the road from Lawrenceburg and take the Bluegrass Parking. He says the parkway's roads are much wider, straighter and in turn, much safer.

The coroner hopes this road will eventually be the one less traveled but for now, if you have to take it, just try to remember the basics.
“Wear your seat belts, watch the speed limits and avoid distracted driving.”

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