Isolated storms for Sunday

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Stronger thunderstorms developed Saturday afternoon and evening. Anything that develops from this point forward will likely be much weaker. Yes, we could have a couple of gusty thundershowers but most of this will be out of here before you know it.

Sunday is looking more on the dry side. There is a very isolated chance of showers and storms for the afternoon and evening hours. Again, most areas will stay on the dry side though. Temperatures shouldn't get out of control.

The new work week will give us a brief return of summer. I'm not talking the ridiculous heat and humidity. Those elements will be there, but more in a moderate dose. Monday and Tuesday look to house the best chances of being plain old warm and humid.

The middle of the week could feature a frontal boundary that stalls out close to Kentucky or right over us. Depending on its specific location means the difference between heavy rain producing showers and storms (Some of which could be strong or severe) or seeing some hit and miss activity. We are watching that closely!

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