Ordinance could change farmland into rock quarry in Clark Co.

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - They say they plan to fight it no matter what. People living in a Clark County neighborhood don't want a proposed rock quarry built nearby. But on Wednesday, the county's fiscal court could approve a zoning change that would allow the quarry.

It's been a long road to save the rolling hills on the Clark/Madison County line by stopping a plan to rezone acres of farmland.

"It's several hundred acres," said Deborah Garrison, who is with the Southwest Clark Neighborhood Association. "From here, you can see over through there."

But it'll be no more if a zone change ordinance is passed by the Clark County Fiscal Court which is being pushed by the Allen Company. Agricultural turning into industrial is something many in the Southwest Clark Neighborhood Association have been fighting against for more than a year now.

"This area that we're standing on was first founded by Daniel Boone in the 1700s," said Garrison. "We have so much history here."

Another reason why they don't want another rock quarry in their backyards of the Kentucky River.

So for the people who live there, all of that just means more dust and noise from blasting. Putting them between a rock and a hard place, according to Deborah Garrison who lives nearby.

"We will be sandwiched in between two rock quarries," said Garrison.

In order for a zone change, it must be proven that the existing zone is inappropriate and the rezoning would change that for the better.

"We believe this property is suitable for agriculture as it has been since the beginning of time here," said Garrison.

No matter what happens in Wednesday's second reading of the ordinance, both sides can appeal which would send them to circuit court to either save everything in green or cover it in rock.

The second reading of that ordinance is in the Clark County Courthouse starting Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

The Allen Company did not return our calls to comment.

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