Organization wants to combine road expansion with walking trail

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Many walking, running and biking trails can be found all over Lexington. Most of them for leisure, but so far none that would provide an alternate way to get downtown other than driving.

A local non-profit organization that's working to expand the Town Branch Trail is hoping to change that, but they're running out of time.

"It's a once in 50 year opportunity to build the trail along with the highway, thus saving taxpayers a lot of time and a lot of money,' says Van Meter Pettit, President of Town Branch Trail Inc.

According to Pettit, $80 million dollars has already been set aside to expand New Circle Road and an additional $4 million dollars has been invested in expanding the Town Branch Trail.

Pettit says with just another $800,000, the two projects could be combined by creating a tunnel where the two intersect.

"Another mile of trail is imminently going to get constructed, and it will literally be knocking of the door of the highway when the highway is finished," Pettit says.

So far, the state transportation cabinet has rejected that idea. Pettit is hoping that will change so that taxpayers don't have "buyer's regret."

Pettit says, "We'll get less for our money and we'll spend more money to do the very same thing if we come back and tear it up later."

Officials with 'Town Branch Trail Incorporated" are asking those who would like to see the two projects combined to go to the website linked to this article. There you will find a letter that you can print, sign and send to the governor with your opinion.

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