Organizers: Magoffin Co. has a passion for cystic fibrosis

SALYERSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - This Mother's Day weekend a Salyersville mom is remembering her son who lost his battle with cystic fibrosis and is helping her community raise awareness for the disease.

"Magoffin County has a passion for cystic fibrosis," explains Kathy Borders. That is why Borders says they have established the first ever 'Great Strides Walk' for cystic fibrosis in the area.

Borders introduces the other organizers, "I have with me the co-chairs, on my left is Tracy Watson, she is living with cystic fibrosis...she's also my niece. On my right is Jessica Reed, her little boy Dalton Dingus lost his battle in January."

Dalton Dingus was the the 9-year-old boy who captivated the entire state with his Christmas wish for cards. The simple wish brought in cards from around the world and more importantly made people aware of the disease

Borders says, "He laid the foundation for cystic fibrosis public awareness and we, this spring, just took up where Dalton left off and decided we want to make a difference in Magoffin County."

The Dingus family says they can't even begin to describe what it meant to see the community rally around Dalton as he battled the disease and to now see Magoffin County continue Dalton's misison is truly something special.

Dalton's uncle, Keith Reed says, "For what we went through last year, this means a whole lot to us, our family, to know we have got support here in the community."

So, now Dalton's wish lives on as it helps others affected by the disease.

James Cole's daughter has Cystic Fibrosis, he says, "All this awareness, it is just great, it just means the world to see all the people support and come out."

Reed says, "There is nothing we can do for Dalton now but maybe it will help someone else."

At the event, there was a rose planted in memory of Dalton and plaque installed that is dedicated to him in the flower garden at Ramey Park.

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