Overturned semi shuts down Mt. Sterling road

A busy Montgomery County road was closed for more than five hours after a semi truck hauling crushed cars overturned.

The tractor-trailer flipped on its side just before noon on the 686 Bypass at Camargo Road in Mt. Sterling.

It was a long cleanup as crews had to deal with the truck that turned over, and it's cargo.

"Driver said he was coming into town from Camargo on Camargo Road, when he turned something shifted and the tractor-trailer went over on it's side," said Montgomery County Fire Captain Brent Jaynes.

The crushed vehicles the driver was hauling didn't spill out, but some fuel from one of his gas tanks did. The woman riding with him suffered some minor injuries and was taken to the hospital by ambulance to be checked out.

Once the fuel was cleaned up another hauler was brought in. The cars were unloaded before crews began the process of pulling the semi back up.

Mount Sterling police say the driver of the truck had a warrant out for his arrest on an unrelated matter and he was taken to jail. They don't expect any charges in this accident.

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