Owner of prosthetic leg with UK logo elated about find

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A shrimp boat captain is still in shock about what he found early Thursday morning.

While shrimping between Crab Island and the Brooks Bridge off the Gulf of Mexico, Matt Willingham made a startling catch. He caught a prosthetic leg, covered in UK emblems. By phone, Willingham described that "that's not something you want to see at 2:00 AM, I was hoping I wasn't going to find a body with it as well."

Willingham went to the media, trying anyway to find the owner of this unique prosthetic. After a few days and a call into the prosthetic manufacturer, Willingham was about to track down Fred Robinson, the owner.

"I got the call and I was shocked! I just started laughing, they found my leg!" Fred Robinson, who is native of Radcliff and former UK running back in the 1980's, says he lost his leg while boating over Memorial Day weekend. "At the end of the day we were coming back and goofing off and swimming in the bay," explains Robinson, "and I jumped in and I guess at some point in time when I was swimming it sucked my leg off."

Robinson says he never expected to be reunited with his personalized $30,000 prosthetic but was pleasantly surprised yesterday when he got the call. "I guess this fisherman from Willingham found it and it's been on the news and in the newspaper and all that. I was just like oh my gosh they found my leg! I can't believe this leg is getting so much attention but I can understand, because of the UK emblem I have on it."

A work accident back in 2007 caused Robinson to lose him leg. He says after that he decided to start fresh in Florida but he says he's never stopped bleeding blue. "I've always just loved UK, I have two other legs that also have UK something on it so I've just always bled blue."

Robinson is planning to meet Willingham on Monday to thank him for finding his prosthesis. He says he also plans to pick up his prosthetic leg from the Sheriffs Department as well.

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