Owners working to rebuild Lexington art gallery hit by car

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Owners of the South Hill Gallery on Versailles Road say years of their hard work turned into splintered wood about 9 p.m. Sunday when a car slammed into their business.

The business owners say the wreck caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

Police say they tried to get the driver off the road before he crashed into the art gallery.

They say they saw him driving recklessly and tried to stop him but they say he wouldn't pull over.

According to police, a few moments later he crashed and took off, leaving a three month old pit bull in the car.

Animal Care and Control officials say that the puppy is expected to be okay.

The business owners say police told them that the suspect was driving his mother's car.

Not only was much of their art inventory destroyed, six employees at the gallery are now out of work for the week.

Despite the devastating setback, Letha Drury, the owner, says they can find humor in the unforgettable Easter.

"We've got a bit of peace about this even though it's a major disruption. As one person said last night, this is one way to remember Easter 2014," Drury said laughing.

Drury says they hope to reopen their business and work out of the back of the building in a week. However, she says it will take months to repair the building itself.

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