Pair rescued after being trapped under mobile home

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WHITLEY COUNTY (WYMT) - Two people trapped under a mobile home have been rescued.

The Whitley County Sheriff said he has never heard of anything like this before and hopes he never has to again.

Sheriff Colan Harrell said he was told a man and woman were helping two other men who were not injured when the trailer slid off its foundation just after 3:00 this afternoon.

The pair were trapped under a mobile home at 401 Colonel Hollow Road in Whitley County.

Deputies called it a "freak accident."

"Whether old or new, the cinder blocks collapsed, causing the incident," said Harrell.

Harrell said Roger Alsip, 43-years-old of Corbin and Jackie Perry, 40-years-old of Whitley County, were trapped under the home.

The sheriff said the two were ex-spouses who were there helping their daughter move the trailer.

Neighbors who did not want to go on camera said the trailer was moved in on Tuesday and they did not know the people injured.

Deputies said Woodbine and Rockholds Fire Departments had to use Hydraulic Airbags to lift the mobile home off the victims.

Harrell said they were flown to University of Tennessee Hospital where they are listed in stable condition.

"Of course our prayers go out for them," said Harrell.

Harrell said it is important to be cautious and let someone know if you attempt to move something of that magnitude, even if you have done it before.

"This is a very dangerous thing to do, to get under a trailer moving it, setting it up, whatever," said Harrell.

Harrell said mobile homes were very prevalent in the region and it could have happened to anyone.

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