Parents charged after kids found living in filth

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Richmond Police say the Jennifer and James Boggess were bringing up their two children in an apartment covered in trash, dog hair, and worse.

"As soon as they open the door, you can take a big whiff," said Shawun Parks. Parks lives right next door to the Boggess family. He says he's noticed a smell.

"The smell, I would say, urine, if you can imagine urine, cat, dog, all of it. All of the above. It was pretty horrific," he said.

Richmond Police say they noticed it, too. They were at the home for an unrelated matter and said the floor was covered with trash, dirty clothes, pill bottles, and puddles of dog urine and feces.

"For the house to be filthy like that, it's unfair. One of the kids could come walk the dog and I'd take a little peek and it was just a disaster inside," said Parks.

Social services removed the two children from the home. Police have charged Jennifer and James Boggess with endangering the welfare of a minor. Parks says he's hoping for the best for the kids.

"You know, as far as the kids, the teenager, he does very well at school. The kids themselves are very bright," said Parks.

Madison County Social Services have placed the kids in the care of a family member.

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