Parents of Kentucky man survive tornado in Moore

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A Kentucky man's parents live in Moore, Oklahoma and spent the afternoon in a safe room when the tornado sirens rang out. Bob and Nancy Lawrence are safe and their house was untouched. But that wasn't the case several years ago.

"Their house was hit in the 1999 tornado. Fortunately, the tornado took a slightly different path this time and was about a mile or two south of where they live today," says Greg Lawrence, a Lexington man from Oklahoma.

Lawrence helped his parents clean up and rebuild after that Moore tornado in 1999. This time, Lawrence watched the destruction on TV.
He says the community that he knows so well is almost unrecognizable, "It's something where you drive into your subdivision and you don't know which road you're on because all of the landmarks are gone. The trees are all gone or just weirdly twisted. Cars are thrown around like match boxes. Houses are just gone."

While tornadoes are not uncommon in Oklahoma, Lawrence says Moore has been forced to rebuild and overcome these hardships before.

"The fact that the same general area has bit hit three times in the last 14 years, which is a little bit unusual, particularly with that powerful of a storm. But, yeah tornado alley is from Texas, Oklahoma, and up through Kansas. It's a way of life for people, particularly in the spring time," adds Lawrence.

Regardless of the long road ahead, Lawrence says the people of Moore will get through this heart breaking experience together, "There is a lot of Oklahoma spirit there and a lot of people are very resilient because they have gone through this before. But it'll take time. I know my parents house took about 18 months to rebuild."

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