Parents on snow days: 'He never begs to go to school, but he does now'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The snow days keep piling up for students around the state. Fayette County schools were closed again Thursday, and it was the district's ninth snow day of the school year.

So next week the school board will decide if students should be in class on a couple of days they were originally scheduled to be off.

Yet, another snow day even has kids wanting to be back in school. That's almost unheard of and speaks volumes to how much they've been out of school.

"He never begs to go to school, but he does now. After this winter I think they're gonna be begging," said Debbie MacConnel, a parent of a second grader.

And with more snow on the way, parents are afraid of how much or little summer their kids will have left.

"There's the potential that we could be out for another week," said MacConnel.

On top of it all, parents say it's either too cold or icy to play in the actual snow after Tuesday night's ice storm.

"They played out a couple days, but when we had some of the snow, the wind chill was just too cold to go outside," said Shannon Gregg, who has two kids in the Fayette County Public School System.

"Not in the last couple of days because of the ice," said MacConnel. "The ice is pretty brutal. I actually slipped on it earlier."

So these parents have suggestions for school board members on how to deal with the snowy backup. But that would require modifying the school calendar which must be approved by the Kentucky Department of Education.

"Add 30 minutes on one side to make up some of the days so that they're not going so long," said MacConnel.

And whether they should have so many snow days to date is also another hot topic among these families.

"I think just the cold days they could have gone to school," said Gregg.

And it's not just in Fayette County. In Jessamine County, they only went to school 11 days in the month of January.

Right now the last day of school in Fayette County is scheduled for June 9, pending what the school board decides to do with President's Day and a teacher conference day. That could move the last day of school to June 5. That decision will be made at Monday's meeting.

As of right now, Fayette County schools will be open Friday.

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