Parents protest demolition of Jacobson Park playground

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington community is coming together to try and save a piece of their past.

For years, families have been going to Jacobson Park to enjoy their time, but now, the city wants to tear down its wooden playground and replace it with a modern one. Some parents are protesting that change.

"Wee! I'm having fun!" one little girl says as she runs by.

A little rain didn't stop some kids from playing or a group of parents from complaining.

"It's going to be cheaper and better to refurbish this than to replace it," one parent explains to the group.

Since 1993, Jacobson Park has been a place where families can make memories. Generations have come here to swing, slide and enjoy quality time.

But now, the playground has been marked for demolition. Parents say LFUCG Parks and Recreation plans to spend $300,000 to replace it, but that's not what they want.

"We think that they should try to save it," says Rachel Carpenter, an organizer. "They should try to refurbish what is here. It's just really magical. I mean, if you talk to kids they will say 'this is my fort, this is my castle.'"

Parents say Jacobson and Shillito parks are the only 'creative-style' playgrounds left in Lexington.

It's no secret that the playground does need some upgrades, but just like when the community came together to build it, they're also here to help restore it.

"The fact that you can remember playing here as a kid and bring your own kids or your grand kids, and they can play on the same playground and learn, grow and imagine in the same way that you did, is a special thing," says Carpenter.

More than 2,100 people have already signed an online petition to save the playground. Organizers of the group plan to take those signatures to Lexington Mayor Jim Gray's office next week.

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