Parents react to school bus bomb threat

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Friday, police confirm a bomb threat was made on a school bus in Laurel County. The parent of a student who was on that bus says she has never lived through an experience like that before.

Julie Russell's son goes to high school in Laurel County. On Friday afternoon, she came to Keavy Elementary School to pick up her son like she always does (Keavy Elementary School is one of the bus dropoff and transfer points for students in Laurel County). But his bus, which holds high school and middle school students, was not there.

"Maybe three times ever they've had some type of breakdown or a flat tire so initially it wasn't a big deal," Russell said.

Russell says it did not take long for her to realize this time, something was different.

She says she saw multiple vehicles pull in the parking lot with people immediately getting out of their cars to talk to teachers and other parents.

"That's not normal. That's not a normal day," said Russell.

A teacher then told Russell a bomb threat was made on her son's bus, and that bus was being inspected by law enforcement at the southbound weigh scale facility on I-75 about four miles south of London.

"It was really terrifying for a little bit. I just prayed. That's all I knew to do was just pray for all of the kids," Russell said.

Police say the bomb threat was made at about 4 p.m. by one or more students while the school bus was traveling south bound on I-75 between London and Corbin. School officials, Kentucky State Police, and the Laurel County Sheriff's Department responded to the call. No hazardous devices were found on the bus. Russell eventually got a text from her son that everyone was okay.

"So once I saw that, just that relief kind of set in," said Russell.

The Laurel County Sheriff's Department is continuing the investigation along with school officials.

Officials say no students have been identified as being the ones who called in the bomb threat. They say charges will be filed when the investigation is complete.

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