Parking lots, sidewalks suffer from salt shortage in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They remove snow from parking lots and sidewalks to make money during the winter months in Lexington. But workers with landscaping companies tell us they can't keep up with the demand.

They say they've been working lots of overtime, and it's really taking a toll on them and their equipment.

The roads are clear, but those aren't the only areas with snow on them. It also falls on sidewalks and parking lots. And that's where places like Diamond Landscapes come in and help, but it's not an easy job.

"It's been two weeks of pure heck," said President Chris Tower, with Diamond Landscapes in Lexington who plows WKYT's driveway and parking lot. He says last week he worked more than 100 hours with his staff working 80.

The inches of ice underneath the snow where you walk and park is preventing snow plows from well plowing snow.

"When the blade peels forward, it's because the spring is giving to give the truck a break," said President Trower.

Trower says the hours spent in his trucks is a record for the company of 20 years. And it's the most snow events they've worked since 2003.

"The multiple events and no sleep and all that," said Trower. "My staff can do pretty much all of it, but there is a panic for the snow fighter that runs out of salt."

Of course the more snow that falls, the more salt they'll need. But we all know that all equals more money. But a salt shortage could put it all to a halt.

"I go to bed thinking about salt and wake up thinking about salt, and I'm like a junkie calling my shippers and making sure that I get salt for our customers," said Trower. "Because without it, the whole show stops really."

The constant winter weather makes for too much business which is sometimes a bad thing. Businesses say they lose equipment because of wear and tear. And Diamond Landscapes says they usually lose two trucks every winter, and they expect to lose even more this season.

The president of Diamond Landscapes says the winter weather is affecting their customers as well since many companies did not budget for this much snow and ice removal.

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