Parole denied for man convicted of killing Lexington officer

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - A state parole board has decided that a man convicted of killing a Lexington police officer will stay in prison.

Glenn Doneghy went before a parole board Tuesday morning to argue why he should be released. It took the board only a few minutes to deny his request.

On April 29, 2010, Officer Bryan Durman was checking on a noise complaint, when investigators say Doneghy hit him with his car and drove off. Doneghy was convicted of second-degree manslaughter. He received a 20-year sentence.

Doneghy did not speak much during the parole hearing about the case. He said he was still fighting the conviction and claims he wasn't behind the wheel of the car that killed Durman.

"I'm alleged to have been involved in a thing considered as an accident, so if human beings can't consider I'm moving from one instance in life to another instance in life then who is eligible for anything?" said Doneghy.

Officer Durman's widow, Brandy Durman, testified before the parole board in Frankfort Monday. Today she was listening in as they denied Doneghy parole.

"Some people need to be kept away from the general public for safety reasons. It is a huge weight off of our shoulders to know that he'll be behind bars another two years," Durman said. And in a personal message to Doneghy, she added, "Mr. Doneghy, you have never accepted responsibility for your actions. Your choices have put you in prison and that's where you will stay. And we are glad that we were able to keep you there so that you cannot hurt anyone else. So that you can't kill anyone else's father."

It will be two years before the board will consider a parole request from Doneghy again.

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