Parole hearing coming up for man convicted of Lexington police officer's death

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The widow of a Lexington police officer tells us she'll do everything she can to keep the man convicted in his death in prison.

It's been nearly four years since her husband was taken from her. During that time, his killer has been sitting behind bars.

"It hasn't been nearly long enough," said Brandy Durman, Officer Bryan Durman's widow.

Bryan Durman, 27, was a Lexington police officer. While on duty in 2010, he was killed by a hit and run driver, Glenn Doneghy. And in about one month, that killer is eligible for parole.

"It's very hard to wrap my mind around how somebody could intentionally take his life with a vehicle and be able to walk free and see his family in just almost four years," said Brandy Durman.

Doneghy was convicted of second degree manslaughter. As the law states, he must serve only 20 percent of his 20-year sentence before becoming eligible.

"Since then we've lobbied to change that law and we were successful in doing that," said Brandy Durman.

So it doesn't touch Doneghy, but now as law, the Bryan Durman Act requires 85 percent instead of 20. But it's never ending for the widow, saying she'll be in court pretty regularly as long as he's still in prison.

"I can never move on," said Brandy Durman. "I can never move past this because every two years we'll be back before the parole board."

On February 24, there will be a victim's hearing with 10 people to speak in a limited amount of time.

"How do you explain that in 30 minutes? How do you get that point across?" said Brandy Durman. "Every holiday, every father's day, every donuts with dad at school."

Doneghy's parole hearing is scheduled for the very next day, February 25.

"Bottom line is you choose to take Bryan's life on April 29, and you should stay in prison," said Brandy Durman.

Brandy Durman started a petition online to keep Doneghy in prison. That link is above. There are now nearly 7,000 signatures on that petition.

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