Parts of Cumberland Falls closed due to high water

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - It is one of Kentucky's most popular tourist attractions. On Monday, people saw Cumberland Falls like many of them have never seen it before.

Due to recent rains, there's a lot of extra water pouring over the falls. The high water has shutdown nine trails in the area. Places normally open to visitors are closed and locked with padlock and chain.

"Kind of scary. Don't want to get too close. You might get hurt," says Andy Saylor. He's visiting Cumberland Falls from Shelby County.

It's not just water rushing over the falls. Debris, trash, plastic bottles, propane tanks and even basketballs have gathered at the bottom. The items have all been brought down the Cumberland River from numerous points upstream.

"How much bigger is it going to get? I've seen it….almost to the top of that," says Saylor.

Many outfits that depend on the Cumberland River for business have had to cancel activities. The boating and expedition units hope to get back on the water by Wednesday.

The Eastern Kentucky Pride organization says they have cleanups scheduled for the spring season. The river's rough rapids coupled with a lack of funding are preventing them from scheduling an additional cleanup to pick up debris caused by high waters.

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