Parts of Perry County dealing with 10 inches of snow

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PERRY COUTNY, Ky. (WYMT) The snow continues to fall in Hazard.

The wet, packing type of snow is great for making snowballs, but it changes the way road crews can approach treating the roads.

Bryan Combs has worked for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for 23 years and is highly experienced with dealing with snow and ice.

Some parts of Perry County are dealing with close to 10 inches of snow.

“I would think this snow is probably going to be the single best snow in Perry County this season. That’s what I hope,” Combs said, “it is basically just plowing only. We don’t really use a lot of salt with the wet snow.”

Ten snow plows have been working around the clock to clear all the state roads in Perry County.

“It’s snowing so hard that once you go through, 10 minutes later, the lanes are covered back up, so you’re continuously plowing,” Combs added.

“[We’ve had a] pretty good [winter season] this year. Last year it wasn’t too good. It’s a good one this year, we got a lot of snow. I just wish it had snowed on Christmas instead of not on Christmas,” Perry County resident Jayson Hurt said.

Road crews stress drivers to stay off the roads so they can get them treated as quickly as possible. You could even go outside and have a snowball fight.

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