Past robbery victim reacts to inmate's escape

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - He wasn't near the escape, nor the high speed chase, but to hear about Fabian Valentine's actions brings back memories that Cody Long would just as soon forget.

"What he could've done? He could've done a lot," said Long, who had the misfortune of working at a Louisville Penn Station that was robbed at gun point by Valentine, in 2012.

"It was my first, I want to say my first month, maybe," recalled Long, who is one of the few remaining employees from that time, "A guy came in with a hoodie, and I wasn't even on the clock or anything, but he came in and put the gun to a girl named Sheridan's head. (He) just basically told her to give him the money."

He still remembers Valentine's actions, and how in control he seemed.

"He came in and he's just calm, cool, collected. He wasn't shaky, he wasn't nothing, he was just ready to get the money and go."

Long went on to say, "He's done it several times."

That is an understatement. Records show Valentine was convicted on five robberies in 2001. He was later released and returned to the Louisville area where he was tied to a string of ten more robberies. The list runs even longer when you consider that a judge threw out 13 robbery charges from the late '90s.

"It's crazy!" reacted Long, to hear the same man caused yet another scare on Friday.

Long was being transported from Louisville back to a corrections facility in Eastern Kentucky, when he and his corrections officer made a stop at a Clark County rest area. It's there that investigators say Valentine jumped the corrections officer, stole his gun, and then took a family's van all while shackled.

"If he's willing to take a family's van, he's willing to take one of our lives. He ain't got no worries," summarized Long.

Valentine was chased by Kentucky State Police to Shelby County where Valentine wrecked into a cruiser and was finally caught. Valentine was then taken back to the correctional facility in West Liberty by state police. Records show Valentine was only a year-and-a-half into a seven year sentence there.

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