Pastor defends family who left boy at Corbin McDonald's

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - Joann Lowe and her family decided on a trip to McDonald's Thursday afternoon.

" Three adults and 9 kids there," said Ralph Rogers, who is Lowe's pastor.

Rogers says the early dinner took place right before Lowe was to come to choir practice, and he says there was confusion on who had 4 year old Kevin..whom they call "K-K."

"This was just a mistake..they thought he was with someone else," he said.

Police say Lowe was cited with endangering the welfare of a minor because she left Kevin alone.

Lowe faces some troubling allegations. She didn't want to talk to us, but her pastor tells us that this whole situation actually has a big silver lining. They've found something out about Kevin that they would not have known had it not been for this.

"They had to take him to the doctor today for a wellness check. And when they did, they found that KK has a heart murmer, so they are taking him to a heart specialist right now,"said Rogers.

Kevin is in the custody of other relatives and Lowe will have to answer to the citation Tuesday in court.

"She is still punishing herself. But I told her that this could happen to anyone anywhere," Rogers said.

Police say surveillance video from McDonalds shows the family leaving together, but Rogers says they would have had to leave in separate cars.

"They couldn't have logically all left in one vehicle," Rogers said.

Because she was just cited she was not taken to jail.

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