Pastor finds silver lining in burned house

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Sandra Murphree was hundreds of miles from home when she got a horrific phone call in the middle of the night.

"'Honey, I hate to tell you but your house is burning to the ground," recounted Murphree.

In the days since, Murphree, a church pastor, and Carol Saenger, who co-owns the house, have sifted through the remains searching for anything the fire spared.

"The couch and the big screen TV don't matter, but you keep thinking about your grandmother's bonnet or your mother's china. You see this smoking hole and you hope that you can come inside and find something that matters,"

Something that matters is exactly what they found. A church member came up with the idea of using the charred remains to help spread the word of God.

"Jeremiah just said 'What if we just scrap this metal and get money for Bibles' and we said yes!" exclaimed Murphree.

"One day's work we got about 400 dollars, so that's about 100 Bibles," said Jeremiah Littleton, a church member.

The church group will donate the Bibles to people in Honduras on an upcoming mission trip.

"We serve a God who's in the redemption business. He can take the very worst situation and bring good out of it. Joy out of sorrow, beauty out of ashes. We're seeing that happen," said Murphree.

The church group plans to go to Honduras in late February or early March.

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