Patton museum to separate fact, fiction

MGN Online

FORT KNOX, Ky. (AP) - The Gen. George Patton Museum of Leadership at Fort Knox aims to separate the man from the legend when it reopens in June.

The News-Enterprise reports the museum plans to display a series of items that were important to Patton, some of which haven't been exhibited before, in an effort to highlight his humanity.

Chris Kolakowski, executive director of the Gen. George Patton Museum of Leadership, said Patton had flaws, but they made him human and help people relate to him.

Curator Nathan Jones said Patton didn't like his jawline or his high-pitched voice. Jones said Patton practiced the scowl he is known for in the mirror to project the right measure of menace. However, he was also deeply religious and wept in front of his soldiers if the circumstances warranted it.

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