People enjoy debate festival

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Vice President Biden will get the first question tonight and he'll also give his closing statement first.

Paul Ryan will have the last word with his closing statement.

This is what happens when a debate comes to town. It's the excitement of being in the middle of a history making day! It's even more thrilling knowing you will be there in person.

"I got first alternate and this morning I found out I will be going to the debate, I'm so excited," said Mya Price.

Thousands are expected here at the debate festival on centre college's campus. Since getting up close and personal to the vice presidential candidates isn't going to happen, these guys will have to do.

So we wanted to know is the picture line here a good gauge of who could be the next president?

"Not at all, I mean some are looking at both candidates to chose a particular candidate it's been evenly matched," said Mary Maggard, an AARP Volunteer.

All of this is the fun leading up to a serious night in which the eyes of the world will be watching. Students say they will be listening closely.

Ally Boccock/ Centre Senior
"It's going to be talking about the economy, that's what everyone wants to know about it hasn't been great the last four years," said Ally Boccock, a Centre senior.

"I'll be listening for a lot about education, what both will do about it and a lot of social issues," said Boccock.

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