People gather to welcome back high lake levels

NANCY, Ky. (WKYT) - After 7 years of what some called a disaster, they say it's time to celebrate.

"Like a plague out of the bible, we worked, we prayed, we did everything to get this water up," said JD Hamilton of Lee's Ford Marina, who hosted the "Cumberland's Back" event Friday afternoon.

The water now meets the tree-line all around the Southern Kentucky lake, which hasn't happened since 2006.

"When you are house-boating, and you try to tie up, and the trees are 40 feet in the air, you need a monkey or a teenager to tie up," said Hamilton.

A symbolic ribbon cutting was held but the reality of more water means more tourists, more money for the local economy.

"What we saw at boat and travel shows, people asking about 76 Falls and party cove and that kind of thing," said Carolyn Mounce of the Somerset based Lake Cumberland Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Fishing Creek was so dry you could walk across much of this. ATV's had a dirt track here.

"I know a lot of people say it was a perception problem. Go to Pulaski Park. That wasn't a perception problem. That was a water problem," said Hamilton.

No problems now many here say, it's time for celebrating the return of Lake Cumberland.

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