People living in Letcher County report more than a foot of snow

JENKINS, Ky. (WKYT) - People live in Jenkins in Letcher County say they received as much as 14 inches of snow.

"Most of the time we get more, sometimes we dodge what other people get, but we got it this time," says Jenkins City Administrator Todd Depriest.

Piles of snow and ice have made it difficult for road officials to keep the highways safe.

"As the snow has quit, it's melted and even got slicker," says Letcher County Assistant Road Foremant Chester Smith. "We've had trucks stuck all day long and I hope the public's patient with us today, but we're trying our best. It's been pretty tough today."

The main roads in Letcher County, like U.S. 119, are mostly passable. Back roads are what concern county road officials.

"If you get out of your hollow you may not get back in," says Letcher County Judge-Executive Jim Ward. "With the snow melting and it so deep what it ends up doing is pushing you over in a ditch or push you over the hill and that's really what you have to pay a lot of attention to."

County officials say they have plenty of salt and gravel to treat the roads.

Jenkins Independent school officials have already canceled classes for Friday. Road officials are urging everyone in the area to avoid driving unless it's an emergency.

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