People react to snow and cold in Boyle County

PARKSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - “Be glad when it gets warm.”

Jerome Johnson’s reaction to the latest cold snap is likely the same sentiment that many feel, but it’s on days like today that his chili for his chili dogs may just hit the spot.

“On the real cold days, it’s hard getting out but they’ll call in and get something,” Johnson said.

The 70-plus-year-old business hasn’t changed much over the decades. Customers will get a friendly smile and a warm meal and on a day like today..Johnson gets an earful about the weather.

“They said it was going to come down in spurts, real hard, and then let up,” he said of what people were talking about when coming in Friday morning.

He says harsh weather rarely keeps people out.

“Yeah, they’ll come when it’s bad. Come all the time,” he said.

County road crews said their work salting roads wrapped up about noon. State drivers said they started Thursday night and were working 16 hour shifts.

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