Person of interest in decade-old missing person's case dies suddenly

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A person of interest in a decade-old missing person’s case is killed in an eastern Kentucky crash.

We have been tracking the story of 46-year-old Bill Crider, the ex-husband of Joyce Crider who went missing during their divorce in 2002.

Bill Crider was interviewed about her disappearance, but police never had enough evidence to charge anyone.

WKYT talked with Joyce Crider's mother, who tells us she's glad he's dead but worries where the case will go from here.

“I would like if someone did find her body. It’s been 10 years, no one has found it yet,” said Joan Gains, Joyce Crider’s mother.

Joyce’s mother always suspected that Joyce’s husband, Bill Crider, killed her and hid the body.

“I’m a 100% positive he did. They went away for a weekend to see if they could patch their relationship up. But she went to the motel to tell him she wanted nothing to do with him and was never seen again.”

Police never ruled him out as a suspect but they didn't ever find enough evidence to charge him found enough evidence to convict him.

“It’s bad enough losing a child. But I don’t even have a grave to visit.”

But now, the many questions of what really happened to Joyce Crider may never get an answer.

“Right now I’m just numb but I’m glad he's dead.”

On Sunday, Bill Crider was killed in a single vehicle car accident in Floyd County.

“Now I will never know what he did with her body. Not that he would've ever told us but now I guess there's no hope.”

Joyce says although she may never know the true story of why her daughter disappeared, she is glad that the Bill Crider chapter of her life has finally come to a close.

Bill Crider was arrested outside of his Floyd County pawn shop in 2010 and a federal grand jury later indicted him on drug trafficking and weapons charges.

Joyce’s mother tells us he was set to appear in federal court later this month.

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