Worker rushed to the hospital after accident on UK campus

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A construction worker is being treated at UK Hospital after an accident that police say left him critically injured.

Police say the accident happened just before Noon as lots of student were making their way across campus.

"We come back from class and we see all these people and everything's quiet. We have five cop cars, ambulance, and fire trucks. We just knew something bad happened," said UK student Reese True.

UK Police say a construction crew was unloading sheets plywood from a crane near the roof of the new Haggin Hall when a gust of wind caught one. It fell six stories to the courtyard below, landing on a 24-year-old construction worker. Police say he was wearing a hard-hat, but he was critically injured.

"UK police have turned the job site back over to the messer construction company. We have turned it back over to them to follow back up with the OSHA investigators who are enroute as well as the safety director for Messer Construction," said UK Police chief Joe Monroe.

The day-to-day campus activities went on around the site, but those who'd heard what happened were thinking of that worker.

"Just started praying after I saw these workers stopped working and the group of them next to that pickup truck. I went over to the amphitheater and I could see over the fence and I knew it wasn't just a staple in the finger or something like that. I just hope he makes it out OK," True said.

A Messer Construction said there are worksite rules relating to high-wind conditions, but they need to investigate further to see what the conditions were like at the time.

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