Petition aims to clear Lexington teen accused of deadly shooting

Eric Trigg
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Eric Trigg was arraigned in Fayette County court Tuesday on a charge of reckless homicide after police say he shot and killed his half-brother Ezavion Lindsey. Some friends and family said they believed the shooting was accidental and they don't think Trigg should face any charges at all.

George Biggerstaff said his nephew is a brother to both Trigg and Lindsey.

"Best buddies, you know. Wasn't no fighting. They loved each other. All the brothers, down to my nephew, they all loved each other," he said.

He believes whatever happened on the 28th must have been an accident.

"Everybody loved both of them. It's a tragedy for both sides. We've got to deal with it and bury one Saturday and then you've got to worry about the next one on the sixth," Biggerstaff said.

That's why he posted a petition to asking the reckless homicide charge be dropped. This afternoon, there were more than 2,300 digital signatures.

"I posted it Sunday about 8:30. Probably about 10:0, it reached 1,000. I was like, "Wow"," Biggerstaff said.

He said Trigg had a bright future ahead, preparing to play college basketball in Indiana. He says the pain of his brother's death should be enough.

"You've got to build up and and not feel like if you build up and let him go to college, be successful, he could be a good role model, maybe he could learn. He's going to have to deal with the burden of his brother, his best friend the rest of his life. There's no judge in this world that's got that much effect," said Biggerstaff.

Biggerstaff said he hopes to have 10,000 signatures on the petition.