Photo album more than 100 years old found in trashcan

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - It was thrown out of a storage building like trash but the man who found it says it has one family's treasures inside.

He’s trying to track down the owner of a photo album found in Richmond recently.

He says some of the pictures are more than one hundred years old.

WKYT’s Jordan Vilines has the story:

As Tracy Mansfield flips through the photo book’s worn pages, he can't help but be curious about the lives of the people in the pictures.

“Old pictures with no names on it. It’s just on a piece of cardboard.”

Pictures, newspaper clippings and military papers only provide clues to his questions instead of answers.

Because you see, the memories encased in the leather-bound book don't belong to Mansfield’s family.

He simply found what was lost.

“I was throwing trash away at the D and G Storage building and I saw a photo album in there and I opened it and it had pictures in it,” said Tracy Mansfield.

From cover to cover, the book is lined with another family's lineage.

“There are pictures of people in the military, air force and army. Pictures of kids in here and of families having a good time. All moments you want to hang on to.”

More than a century of snapshots almost gone for good.

“I just hate to see stuff like this get thrown away.”

Memories too meaningful to toss aside-- which is why Mansfield hopes to get the book back into the hands of the folks whose history is played out on each of the worn pages.

“Once it’s gone, it’s gone unless you have pictures. They are priceless.”

If you think you know who this photo book might belong to, contact Tracy Mansfield at 859-248-7147.

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