Photographer uses talent to get Garrard Co. animals adopted

GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Jake is a scared Border Collie that's just been dropped off at the Garrard County Animal Shelter. He's so afraid, he refused to walk in the building.

Sometimes, space in the shelter can get kind of tight. To help Jake and the other dogs, the staff is coming up with unique ways to find these animals a home.

"Whenever you see pictures behind the cages, they look terrified look scared to death and unhappy," says photographer Kisha Buis. "You know that's what people
see first is their picture."

Buis is a volunteer at the shelter and a professional photographer. She's combining her two loves to get the dogs adopted out.

"If you saw a dog that had its ears slicked back, behind a chain linked fence, in an old concrete kennel that wasn't interacting with other dogs ... would you be interested in it? Or would you be more drawn to the dog that has bandanna on, ears perked up, tongue hanging out, looks all excited clean and happy," says Buis. "People are going to draw more to what's nice looking."

Buis has photographed 35 dogs this past month. The pictures get posted to Facebook and thousands of people a day see the images.

"They really need good pictures that tell about their personality and what awesome dogs they are," Buis says.

Buis says she has about a 60% success rate of finding a home for these dogs. She tells us rescuers have driven in from Indiana, Michigan and Illinois to give a dog a home.

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