Pictures of White House Easter Bunny from Mt. Sterling go viral

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It’s an Easter tradition gone viral.

The Easter Bunny at Monday’s annual White House Egg Roll struck many people as a little odd.

As the event began, two familiar faces stood beside the president.

On his right was the First Lady and on his left was an animal typically considered cute and cuddly --- but the White House Easter Bunny is more likely to be described as comical or, let's be honest, a little creepy.

"The same man has been making the costumes for 36 years. Every year he brings them back and every year we get the same reaction toward the costume,” said 22-year-old Jordan Campbell of Mount Sterling. As it turns out, Campbell was chosen to be the man behind the bunny mask for this year’s event.

"From the smallest child ranging to some of the most respected politicians in America – people from across the board were wanting a picture with me, the bunny."

Hundreds of snapshots captured the event, many of them showing the seven foot bunny precariously perched behind the president.

"I Googled ‘White House Egg Roll’ and all of these funny photos came up and articles saying, ‘White House does it again; brings back creepy Easter Bunny.'"

Even though the pictures might be a little creepy, Campbell says Easter at the White House simply wouldn't be the same without the life-size rabbit towering about the crowds.

"Having seen the costume up close, I would agree it’s a little creepy but it's the Easter Bunny and it's an American tradition."

Jordan Campbell is currently working as an intern for the White House.

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