Pit bull attacks eight-year-old girl

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Eight-year-old Brinna Banks was immediately rushed to U.K. Hospital after being bitten in the face by her neighbor's pit bull.

"The whole side of her face was hanging off right here," described Billy Banks pointing to his left cheek.

Banks, is the child's grandfather and was still shaken minutes after seeing the little girl's wound.

"She came to the door screaming, I saw her face and the first thing I did was put a wet compress on there," recalled Banks.

What alarmed Banks and the dog's owner, is the dog has never been violent before.

"There were five or six of them back there and he just got her," said Banks.

"This little girl was at my house every day playing with my boys, and they'd be back there by the dog every day," added the canine's owner, "to us it was real shocking to see what exactly happened."

The dog's owner, did not want to be identified but says when he saw the child's face, there was only one choice to make about his dog, Kane.

"If it was my child, I'd want the dog put to sleep. That's why I just made the call," said the owner, of his on-the-spot decision.

The pit bull was taken by the county's animal control to be quarantined, as they do with any attack, but the man wasn't worried about his dog. Instead, he was hoping and praying the little girl will be okay.

U.K. Hospital says Banks is in fair condition, tonight.

Winchester police say they will continue this investigation into the attack, saying they will look to see if the dog was properly restrained and if there's been any pattern of violence in the dog's history. Those factors, police say, could determine if any charges are needed in the case.

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