Planes with Ukraine bodies arrive in Netherlands

Credit: CNN

Hilversum, Netherlands - Two more military aircraft carrying remains of victims from the Malaysian plane disaster have arrived in the Netherlands, where a team of about 200 experts is working at a military barracks to identify the dead.

The first two flights yesterday carried 40 coffins. Officials say there were 74 more coffins on today's flights.

They say it could take weeks or months to identify all of the victims.

Meanwhile, diplomats from Australia and the Netherlands are promoting a plan for a U.N. team to secure the crash site. It's been under the control of pro-Russian rebels.

Australia's prime minister says he's afraid some remains will never be recovered unless security is tightened. He says he's already sent 50 police officers to London to be ready to join any team sent to the site.

The Dutch Safety Board says investigators in England have successfully downloaded data from the plane's flight data recorder. The board didn't release any details of the data, but said there were no signs that the recorder had been tampered with.

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