Residents concerned over plans to construct a new apartment building in Lexington

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We would like to keep our neighborhood the same as it's been for the past forty years or so, " says Pat Robinson, President of the Lakeshore Village Homeowners Association.

Nearly 200 people who live around the Lakeshore area in Lexington are concerned the view and quietness at the lake could soon be a thing of the past.

Developers of Lakeshore Apartments Associates are planning to construct a six story building and a three story parking garage on Laketower Drive.

"We've done a solar study. It's going to drastically affect our residents across the street and our residents behind us because of the height of the building being approximately 70 feet," adds Robinson.

Robinson fears the construction plans will create big traffic issues in her neighborhood, "With 142 apartments, in addition to 12 to 14 town homes, at 1.5 cars per unit, we're looking at 200 additional cars per day which will drastically affect our residents.

The people who are opposed to the building plans of the vacant property say they are willing to compromise. They're hoping the developer will change his mind about the six stories.

"If he wants to work with us on a three story building, we would be delighted," says Robinson.

City leaders will address the issue at the Urban County Planning Commission meeting this Thursday at 1:30.

Those in opposition will present their petition and speak against the plans as they stand right now.

Robinson says she is appreciative of the renovations Lakeshore Apartments Associates have already made in the neighborhood. She hopes the developers can just alter their proposed plans.

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