Playground marred by racist graffiti

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Those who visit Mary Todd Park often couldn't believe what someone spray painted all over the playground.

"It's not right. I seen the 'n'-word, 'KKK'...That's not right," said Derek Thomas, who was walking nearby.

"It's not a perfect world. There's still a lot of ugliness," said David Burns.

Racial slurs, swastikas, and other offensive images were all over equipment they say children use often.

"They put it on a children's playground...that's just not acceptable," said Thomas.

David Burns has been coming to this park for years. He says he's seen incidents like this increase.

"Actually, it's heartbreaking. When they first put this here, we thought that would calm things down with mothers and children here, but apparently it hasn't," said Burns.

Park workers have cleaned up most of the paint. They say it might take them a couple of days to sandblast the "KKK" off the sidewalk.

People who live nearby think this is most likely a plea for attention.

"There's always going to be that few that, no matter what, they'll continue to do this. I think it's mostly for attention," said Burns.

They hope they see an end to these incidents.

"Spread the word that it ain't right and it has to change," said Thomas.

"Maybe the community will come together and get a neighborhood watch. Anything we see over here, we should start reporting. Maybe things will get better," said Burns.

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